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RAindrops Newsletter

The RAindrops (Robert Allan Ltd. Information & News) newsletters, published approximately every quarter, contain stories and details about our people, our new designs, some historical perspectives, topical industry issues, our recent engineering accomplishments and much more.

Issues Date
Issue 15 2017 May
Issue 14 2016 November
Issue 13 2016 May
Issue 12 2015 December
Issue 11 2015 May
Issue 10 2014 November
Issue 9 2014 May
Issue 8 2013 December
Issue 7 2013 May
Issue 6 2012 November
Issue 5 2012 May
Issue 4 2012 February
Issue 3 2011 September
Issue 2 2011 May
Issue 1 2011 February

If you would like to receive copies of our RAindrops newsletter by direct mail, please email Include your name, employer, full mailing address, email address, phone number, and specific area of interest at Robert Allan Ltd. e.g., designs. In the interests of sustainability, we will only mail to those with significant interest and direct industry involvement.