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in Marine Design

RApier series

RApier series fast patrol craft designs by Robert Allan Ltd.

The RApier series designation is used for a range of fast planing monohull police and patrol craft. Many successful designs exist, and have become the prototypes for more standard design series. Arrangements are adapted to suit any specific application. Powering can be by either conventional, waterjet or surface-piercing propellers, according to speed and service requirements.

The RApier series designs are designated by their length:

  • RApier 850
  • RApier 1000
  • RApier 1100
  • RApier 1200
  • RApier 1500
  • RApier 2000
  • RApier 2500
RApier 2000 Malaspina Express
RApier 1200 PX 3
RApier 1000 NYC Police