Robert Allan Ltd. launches a completely new website

July 5, 2016

Robert Allan Ltd. is very pleased to announce the launching on July 1st of a completely new company website:

This new site has been under development for most of the past year in an attempt to more accurately reflect the growth and changes that have occurred in our business over the past decade. We believe the new site does a fine job of representing Robert Allan Ltd. to the world. We are very excited to introduce this new site to our existing as well as to many future Clients, and we hope that it will enable viewers to more readily identify the services or vessel type which we can offer to support your business.

One completely new feature which we are excited to introduce is the RAdius outreach page, through which we expect to open a meaningful dialogue with those who live and work on the boats we design. This feedback will be shared with our design teams, enabling us to constantly improve the designs we develop and continue to strive for that elusive “perfect boat”!

We welcome any feedback about the new site and hope that viewers find it useful and informative.